AUCE GLUG Inaugurated in Andhra University

Swecha organized a one day workshop on free software in the Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Andhra University College of Engineering in the department seminar hall on July 24, 2010. All the 115 students from the department who have attended the workshop along with the teaching and non teaching staff have been immensely impressed with the concept of free software, and the students have expressed their willingness to form a GLUG (GNU Linux Users Group) in the college. Under the aegis of Swecha, the AUCE Glug has been formally inaugurated by the Head of the Department, Prof. M. Shashi amidst loud applause from the audience.

The students were introduced to free software in the morning session. The various projects taken up by Swecha have also been emphasized upon. The students as well as the faculty demonstrated great curiosity during the interactive sessions.

In the post lunch session that followed, the students were taught the process of installation of E- Swecha and Debian operating systems. The response has been so reverberating that two students had to be accommodated in each of the systems in the central laboratory of the department. The students were also acquainted with the configuration of various applications in a Debian OS, and the Compiz feature had left the students agape. DVD ROMs’ of the E- Swecha operating system have been bought by the students after the conclusion of the workshop.