Swecha Bootcamp 2015




Swecha is conducting a 7 day summer camp with advanced technical training named 'Swecha Boot Camp' from 18-06-2015 to 24-06-2015.

What is Swecha Boot Camp?
It's time for the technical aspirants to move from basic towards advanced level technical training for cutting edge technologies to stand up in the current evolving trend.
The main objective of this camp is to introduce and work with the cutting edge technologies under the guidance of experts from industry.

Technologies involved : Meteor.js , Polymer, Speech Feature Extraction, ANTLR (Make your programming language etc)

Speakers from Swecha, IIITH and ThoughtWorks will present the sessions.

FreedomFest 2015 Hyderabad



Swecha is conducting a two day workshop called "FreedomFest" at SVK Gachibowli on 3rd and 4th April. There are a wide range of technologies covered and speakers from ThoughtWorks, Drupal Hyderabad, IIIT etc are coming to deliver various sessions.

Swecha invites everybody to participate in the FreedomFest

GirlsWhoHack - A Tech Workshop on the International Women's Day ( 08/03/2015 )

IIIT - Hyderabad

#GirlsWhoHack : A Tech Workshop for women and by women as a part of International Women's Day celebrations.


  Swecha in association with ThoughtWorks is conducting a one day workshop on Firefox OS App Development, Ruby Programming Language and Agile Methodologies as a  part of International Women's Day to encourage women to get into IT. Speakers from IIIT-Hyderabad, ThoughtWorks and Swecha will talk about the aforementioned technologies and will interact with participants.

 We invite all girl students, women IT professionals and others who are be interested to attend and participate in the event. Please register at girlswhohack.swecha.org

AUCE GLUG Inaugurated in Andhra University

Swecha organized a one day workshop on free software in the Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Andhra University College of Engineering in the department seminar hall on July 24, 2010. All the 115 students from the department who have attended the workshop along with the teaching and non teaching staff have been immensely impressed with the concept of free software, and the students have expressed their willingness to form a GLUG (GNU Linux Users Group) in the college. Under the aegis of Swecha, the AUCE Glug has been formally inaugurated by the Head of the Department, Prof. M. Shashi amidst loud applause from the audience.

The students were introduced to free software in the morning session. The various projects taken up by Swecha have also been emphasized upon. The students as well as the faculty demonstrated great curiosity during the interactive sessions.

Swecha 1st State Conference


Swecha held its first State Conference on 7th March 2010. After a journey of more than 5 years, its a giant leap for the Free Software movement in Andhra Pradesh.

What started as a project to localize GNU/Linux to Telugu for the local communities, has now become a fast paced movement that is spearheading the new generation into a world of freedom. The journey so far has been one of the most exciting stories in the history of the Free Software Movement around the world.

The State Conference was the first organizational leap for the movement which was being organized in various different ways at different points in time. Today, the team has grown from a handful to more than 150 individuals working towards common objectives across the state.


Software Freedom Day 2005

Software Freedom Day Celebration calls for the decolonisation of Indian minds from Proprietary Software

Commemerating the 136th birth anniversary of Mahatma FSF India AP Chapter celebrated the Software Freedom Day. As a part of the worldwide activity to celebrate freedom in software development, Free Software Foundation of India has organised a seminar on "Free Software and India". The seminar aimed at spreading the spirit of Free Software among young minds at Engineering collges throughout the state.

National Convention on Free Software, Hyderabad

“National Convention on Free Software Declaration”

    March 4, 2007

Information Technology is revolutionizing the way people communicate with other and the way companies run their business. The new space – the cyber space—has facilitated the people around the globe to organize and exchange knowledge, goods and services on a global scale. Mailing lists, forums and online communities are a few forms in which people around the globe organize and exchange ideas, independent of space and time. Encyclopedias made by communities (groups in the cyberspace) are gaining acceptability. While IT and global connectivity has the enormous potential of communities of people in different parts of the world working together for a better future, it can also lead to increasing monopoly of power by a few corporations. In order to fulfill the promise of IT and global connectivity be monopolized by proprietary software and proprietary systems.

Celebrating the Software Freedom Day

Community to Community

Software Freedom Day in Andhra Pradesh is being celebrated on 28th of September. About 1000 programmers will work from different geographical locations to localise the applications in GNU/Linux to Telugu. This sprint is unique and first of its kind in the world where a huge number of passionate programmers will work on porting the GNU/Linux applications into Telugu. The slogan, "from the community to the community", is the spirit of this sprint.

Students from different engineering colleges, people working in the IT industry in India and abroad, school teachers, people from the media and from different sections of the society will participate to make the software available to the people in Andhra Pradesh.