Technology for Society

Swecha was founded in 2005 as an organisation to support the Swecha project, it is now a vibrant community of software users, students, academicians and software professionals/developers determined to provide quality software built on the guidelines of free software development model. Swecha is part of Free Software Movement of India

శత సహస్ర యాగం / Summer of AI internship

Join "Summer of AI" at Swecha, building an advanced Telugu Language Model (LLM) from the ground up. Plus, build your own Text-to-Speech (TTS) model, your Voice Avatar.

Our Flagship Projects

Agri Tech

Building Free Software based tools to further enhance agriculture through drones and other robotic automation, weather and crop information dashboards, IoT-based intelligent farm management.

Edu Tech

Learning Management Suite designed for Tech-Aided education, assisted by Free Software. Building Free Software tools fuelled innovation in teaching and learning, to reduce digital divide and help educational institutes to adopt hybrid learning model.

Health Tech

Free Software is transforming HealthCare with its radical transparency and ethos, making healthcare software more affordable and responsive to the communities it serves.

Civic Tech

Building Free Software powered infrastructure and platforms that enable civic participation and engagement, enhancing citizen communications and public decision, improving government delivery of services.

Language Tech

Building tools and platforms used to manage the localization(l10n) and translation of Applications. Language tech encompasses everything from maintaining multilingual glossaries, machine translation, to translation memory and term bases, as well as quality assurance automation tools.

Assistive Tech

Accessibility to digital technology is increasingly critical for all aspects of life from education to employment to daily living, health and almost all types of participation. Digital accessibility(a11y) can be achieved in its full form only with Free Software.