DevDays Hyderabad

JS Hyd March 2024

JavaScript Hyderabad March 2024

Date: 09 March 2024 (Saturday)
Mode: In-person
Time: 9.30 AM — 1 PM

Venue: Draper Startup House, Indira Nagar, Gachibowli

Talk 1: Unleashing the Power of Modern JavaScript Development
Speaker: Tarandeep Singh, Software Engineer, Salesforce
- Common Design Patterns
- Performance Optimization Techniques
- Async/Await and Promises
- Functional Programming Concepts
- ES Tips: Harnessing the Latest Features of ECMAScript

Talk + Live Demo 2:ReactJS Essentials: Simplifying Frontend Development
Speaker: Deepan Kumar, Senior Software Engineer, VitWit
- ReactJS Fundamentals
- Routing in React
- Asynchronous Data in ReactJS

Hidden Voices Hackathon
Speaker: Abinaya Mahendiran, CTO, Nunnari Labs and Program manager at Hidden Voices

Contribute to Hidden Voices, an open source project managed by Robert Bosch Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence RBCDSAI and Superbloom Studios in collaboration with Denvr Dataworks, Swecha Telangana, and IITMAA. The project is created to reduce the gender data gap in Wikipedia and to build an inclusive internet.




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