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We appreciate your interest in sharing your knowledge as part of Swecha Developer Chapter activities.

Please go through the following guidelines and reach out to us if you have any concerns/ queries.

Guidelines for speakers

Timeline from session proposal to the session day

  1. Submit your session proposal: Submit your proposal by completing this CFP form and DevDays team will contact you soon.

  2. Proposal review: After reviewing your proposal, DevDays team will schedule your session.

  3. Select a date for the talk: Choose a date for the talk at least three weeks in advance to allow enough time for preparation.

    Share the required details for campaigning of the session.

  4. Preparation period (Weeks 1-2): Allocate the first two weeks for preparing the talk. This includes researching, outlining, and creating the presentation.

    • Create account on You will receive an invite to create account, and you will be added to DevDays Planning repository.
    • Create a branch on DevDays repository with your session title as branch name.
    • Create a folder under upcoming-sessions and use it for adding your session presentation and code.
  5. Demo week (Week 3 OR the last week leading to the session): Reserve the last week leading to the session for giving demos to the DevDays Team. During this week, schedule two presentations:

    • Upload content: Make sure the presentation and all the required content is uploaded to session folder on your branch. Create a merge request to the main branch before the first demo.

    • First demo on 5th day before the session: Deliver the first demo to present the content of the talk and receive initial feedback on the same day.

      If the session is scheduled for Saturday, the first demo will be on Monday.

    • Second demo on 2nd day before the session: Deliver the second demo to present the final version of the talk.

      If the session is scheduled for Saturday, the second demo will be on Thursday.

  6. Session day:

    • Swecha encourages speakers to use a machine running a Linux based Operating System to present. If you don't have one, organising team can arrange one for you on request.
    • Reach the venue at least 30 minutes before the session

Policy on Software used and Content created

  • We recommend that you use free and open source software (FOSS) tools used for creating presentation decks and delivering sessions i.e., Operating System, Web Browser, IDE, Office tools that are not propreitary.
  • Code snippets will be released under AGPLv3
  • Content (presentation and documentation) will be released under CC BY-SA 4.0

We ask the speakers to use free and open source software for creating presentations, to promote hacker culture so that other people can modify, use and create derivative works from your presentation.

A copy of the presentation and code samples (if any) needs to be uploaded to DevDays resources repository. Everything under this repository will be licensed under AGPL-3.0.

Presentation can be hosted anywhere you like (for now).

Tips for Presentations

  • Use any free and free and open source software for presentations. Few suggestions include reveal.js, mdx-deck, LaTeX & Beamer, Marp, Remark, Code Editors.
  • For code editor, use VSCodium instead of VS Code
  • Use a light theme for your presentation, and also your code editor, if you plan to show any code samples.

Details required for campaigning

Personal Details

  • Photo (Share high quality front facing photos, preferably taken from a distance)
  • Your Name
  • Current Company
  • Current Role

Session Details

For inspiration, refer to past DevDays sessions

  • Title:
  • Tag line:
  • Description:


Please fill the below form and submit your proposal. Also, go through our Guidelines for speakers, shared below the form.

If you are not working currently, mention your previous company.
If you have a remote public repository with code or content related to your proposal, please share the repository URL.
One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, eps, tif, pict, psd, txt, rtf, html, odf, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, xml, avi, mov, mp3, ogg, wav, bz2, dmg, gz, jar, rar, sit, svg, tar, zip.
Have you attended any previous events organized by swecha?
How did you come to know about us?
Would you like to help us in organising events and contribute to Swecha projects?