Technology for Society

Swecha organization is an NPO is a social movement that works towards enlightening the masses with the essence of Free Software and to liberate knowledge to the commoners.

Swecha is part of Free Software Movement of India

Regional MovementsSectoral Movements
DAKF(Democratic Alliance of Knowledge Front, Kerala)
FSFTN (Free Software Foundation TamilNadu)
FSMK (Free Software Movement of Karnataka)
FSMM (Free Software Movement of Maharashtra)
FSMR (Free Software Movement of Rajastan)
FSMWB (Free Software Movement of West Bengal)
Swadhin, Odisha
Swecha, Andhra Pradesh
Knowledge Commons

Appropriate Technology Promotion Society

National Consultative Committee of Computer Teachers Association(abbrv. NCCCTA)

Open Source Geospatial Foundation India (abbrv. OSGEO India)