Colony affected by Hudhud rebuilt

  hudhud2.jpg  Forum of IT Professionals (ForIT) in collaboration with Swecha, part of Free Software Movement of India, has delivered on its promise to help rebuild one colony from the Hudhud affected Visakhapatnam. In this direction, we have distributed 1200 asbestos sheets worth Rs.4.5 lakhs, thereby benefiting 370 families. The distribution was done on 24th December, 2014 at Thotagaruvu near Arilova in Visakhapatnam.

FSMI statement on blocking of GitHub and other sites

Over the last few days, there have been reports that internet users in india are not able to access services like GitHub, PasteBin and Imgur. It is now increasingly becoming clear that these sites have been blocked by the ISPs (Internet Service Providers), with no explanation given. One ISP claims that these sites have been blocked as per the instructions of Competent Authority.

No mention of who the Competent Authority is nor the rationale behind the blockade have been provided. The situation with other ISPs is even worse, with a simple message that states "Service Unavailable". Netizens on the social media from across the country have been reporting on this issue, which confirms the fact that this is not a single ISP acting in isolation but a concerted effort at blocking these services. This could not have happened with out the notice of the Government. 

It is shocking to note that a popular code-hosting website like GitHub, which is very popular among researchers, scientists, developers and students alike, and PasteBin are blocked. This brazen act of censorship goes against the fundamental rights of the citizens and the absolute lack of transparency in these matters is an attack on democracy and scientific progress.

3 Days Appthon Camp on Firefox Os at K.G.Reddy College of Engineering & Technology by SWECHA

K.G.Reddy College of Engineering & Technology

Firefox OS, the new operating mobile system from Mozilla, represents a wonder appthon for many swecha students volunteers who want to create apps for it. On December 27-29th Swecha conducted a 3 Days Firefox Os Appthon Camp at K.G.Reddy College of Engineering & Technology, More than 50 Students of different colleges from telangana region have contributed apps to mozilla firefox community and proved their abilities with Web technologies (CSS, HTML and JavaScript), to learn new things about Firefox OS and to test apps on new devices.

The camp was cover the following topics:

1) Introduction to HTML,CSS Javascript & Open web APIs.

2) Introduction to JavaScript & Setuping Firefox Emulator.

3) Developing a Firefox Os App and Uploading to Firefox Market Place.


A Three Day Workshop on Web Development in VR Siddhartha Engineering College


Three Day workshop is going on in VR Siddhartha college of Engineering in VIjayawada on Web Development (22-12-2014 to 24-12-2014)                                                

The following topics were covered during the workshop:                                                       

1. Free Software Philosophy  

2. Drupal - Content Management System