Digital Freedom Hackathon

Digital Freedom Hackathon


When we speak about ‘Digital freedom’, it is the universal access, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to privacy, and the right to creativity, development and innovation.

We recognize that universal human rights to free expression, access to information, and privacy (The right of individuals to send messages and emails without being monitored, the right to privacy with regard to data stored on the internet and the prohibition of government monitoring of either individuals or groups as well as the prohibition of other behavior by governments or private companies that could represent a breach of individuals’ privacy.) are being challenged by governments, companies, and other powerful factors worldwide. By creating awareness about freedom of use, development and innovation. Which refers to free(dom) software and its philosophy and ability to support digital freedom and technological growth in addition to the principles of Free Software, Creative commons content and Open Hardware. And also, by helping create tools that de-iterate ‘digital authoritarianism’.

Swecha is organizing the second edition of the Digital Freedom Hackathon to build these Digital Freedom Tools on January 25, 2020 in Swecha Office, SVK, Gachibowli

While many conversations on digital rights tend to centre around civil and political rights – rights of freedom of expression, right to privacy – this event brings up the focus on the impact of such digital rights on education, cooperatives, housing, healthcare, transportation and agriculture.

CO-OP is a type of organization that is both owned and controlled by its members, who also happen to use the services and products of the said co -operatives. The possibility of dominant platforms turning the flows of data they receive from their larger user bases into market securing technological innovations remains a challenge

There is a tremendous need of technology in today’s society for computers equipped with free software, content and curriculum which feeds the requirement of younger children, an adult looking for upgrade or anyone else interested

To have a more effective and inclusive health system increased availability and use of digital technology offers new opportunities to improve people’s health.

Quick Look

Date: January 25, 2020
Time:10:00 AM - 04:00PM
Venue: Swecha Office, Gachibowli.