Swecha at Science Fair in Andhra University


Swecha had set up a stall in the Science Fair in Andhra University that took place from the 12-15 February 2011. There were continuous demo sessions on the Swecha Operating System, eSwecha and Bala Swecha. Swecha was greatly appreciated by all the visitors of the stall for its efforts in localizing the OS in Telugu.

The stall had volunteers from the AUCE Glug team and also from the Free Software enthusiasts from various other Engineering Colleges from Vizag. There were continuous parallel sessions going on, on Free Software Philosophy and various other technical sessions that the visitors were interested in.

Many senior faculty and students from various engineering colleges had visited the stall. The visitors were so inspired by the Free Software philosophy and the work being done by Swecha & FSMI that many students & faculty members voluntarily came forward requesting Swecha to start glugs in their respective colleges.

The event was extremely motivating to all including Swecha volunteers present at the stall, AUCE glug members, faculty and students. We are thankful to the CSSE department of AU especially Prof Sasi, HOD of CSSE department, Prof. Valli who have extended their complete support for the activity.