Student Workshops in Hyderabad


As part of celebrations of Software Freedom Day (SFD), Swecha is observing Software Freedom Fortnight (SFF). SFF starts from September 15th (the father of Indian engineering Mokshagundam Visweswarayya birthday) to October 2nd (Gandhi Jayanthi). During this fortnight workshops, sessions, seminars, and activities will be conducted in various places on Free Software.

This year SFF is being celebrated in various engineering colleges. Workshops have been planned in a number of colleges like VNR VJIET (Bachupally), SMEC (Kompally), SVIT (Secunderabad) in Hyderabad where thousands of students from various other colleges in the city will be attending.

More sessions are lined up for the students, the registrations for which are open for the students through Swecha website at Student Workshops in Hyderabad. For more information contact Bhuvan Krishna – 9490098015

Content of the workshops is as follows:

Day 1
Session 1

1.Why Free Software
2.Preparing your system (Installing GNU/Linux, basics of system
administration,  customization)

Session 2
1.Introduction of Applications,
2.Tools in GNU
3.Core Programming (Python, Ruby, Perl)
4.Content management Systems (Drupal)
7.Desktop Environment

Day 2

Session 1
1.Swecha, e-Swecha OS's introduction to internals
2.Building the OS

Session 2
1.How to become a developer of Swecha, e-Swecha OS's?
2.Recruitment of students into projects