Times are fast changing. The employment landscape is no longer as bright as it was in the early 2000's. Several studies indicate that the demand for IT engineers has remained at 4 lakhs for the past decade or so while the number of engineers trying to get into the IT sector has zoomed over to 15 lakh. This indicates a clear mismatch. In order to be able to provide alternate employment opportunities to all these engineering graduates, the existing methods are no longer sufficient. Globally, free software is opening up new vistas of employment generation through entrepreneurship! Technology landscape is fast changing and we should adapt ourselves to these changing technologies and keep ourselves abreast of all the latest technologies in order to be able to survive in this competitive world.

Swecha invites everyone to join us in an open seminar on "Employment Opportunities in a Changing Technology Landscape" -“A New Vision For Employement”

Date & Time 23rd sep, 2014, 04:30pm to 06:30pm.

Mahima Gardens, beside Hotel Grand Nagarjuna, near Large Center, Guntur.