Activity at Hyderabad Book Fair


On invitation from Book Fair Society, Swecha participated in the Book Fair on 25th December, 2010. The following were the activities taken up by Swecha at the Book Fair :

  • Music Program by Dhwani:

    DhWaNi, a music band which has come out with Songs on the Free Software Movement recently has performed some songs at the Book Fair.

  •  Free Software Philosophy Session:

    The philosophy of Free Software was discussed. How the four freedoms of Free Software are important to protect the Software, user and the programmer were also discussed. A special focus on report of Rahul De and how Free Software can save crores of rupees , how the money saved in this process can be used for nation building was put. The audience received the information and also came forward to give in their ideas how open models can contribute to the development.

  • On Swecha OS:

    A session on Swecha OS, which includes desktop environment of Swecha created a good enthusiasm among the audience. People who have seen the demo came forward to purchase Swecha OS copies.

From the Swecha's side the session was taken by Bhuvan Krishna, General Secretary of Swecha and Siddhartha Malempati Executive Member, Swecha. The session was chaired by Sasi Bhushan Executive Member, Swecha. Around 40 students from student chapter of Swecha also attended the event.