A survey conducted some 4 years ago reveals that there are around 1lakh people depending upon the profession of D.T.P.(Desk Top Publishing) Each operator sets his own SOHO model of business. They own a Computer and an Inkjet prnter and work on things like designing visiting cards, invitation cards e.t.c. Each operator would be associated with atleast 2 printers. Considering each family to be of a size of three people, there are atleast 10 lakhs of people depending on the profession directly and indirectly.


These people use a number of regional language fonts, a vector graphics editor, an image editor and a pagination application. All this suite from some properietary compnaies are oofered at a price no less than 7 lakhs. So Swecha aims in providing a suite with all these features. As this effort the project aims in delivering a set of fonts(telugu) initially and then into other languages. As the image editor we have GIMP, for vector graphics editor we have Inksckape. There isnt a well supported gtk based application for pagination. This project aims in giving a pagination application along with free fonts.


The development has started and is undergoing many phases of development. Swecha plans of hosting an svn or git repository for the active development of the project.


Balaswecha is the GNU/Linux operating system for tiny tots. It is a school distro with many of the useful interactive applications for the school goers. Its stack is filled with educational suites for all the standards right from elementary to 10th standards. They cover a wide range of applications which make the student learn Maths, Physics, Geography, Chemistry e.t.c. very easily. Swecha has taken up many activities in training the school teachers, computer instructors of several government schools.

The aim of the distro is to deliver a Free Software based operating system for the project of "Sarva Shiksha Abhyan" initiated by the government. There isnt such operating system till now which gives full freedom with an educational stack.


Swecha has the plans of localizing BalaSwecha for the benefit of telugu medium students.


E-Swecha is an operating system for the engineering students, by the engineering students. It consists of all the Free Software stack required by the engineering students of all disciplines. There were more than 100 developers working for bringing out the operating system. It comes as both live and installable environment. E-Swecha is a Debian based distro and can be considedered as a Debian's pure blend.


At this stage it aims in covering all the syllabus of JNTU and it has the plans of generalising it for all the universities. The project's future goal is to host repositories of the meta packages that ccould convert an existing Debian or Ubuntu distro into E-Swecha. Swecha is looking for funds on hosting its meta packages as repositories.


As of now E-swecha is of lenny based and is upgrading itself to squeeze.