Once again UIDAI has been caught lying red-handedly

Just days after the episode of Mr.RSS(Ram Sewak Sharma)- Chairman of TRAI's dare devil attempt #AadhaarChallenge on twitter to “harm him”, which ended up hackers(actually security researchers) revealing his personal details and confusing UIDAI to release contradictory statements.


Now a new incident caught UIDAI lying red-handedly. It is about UIDAI’s helpline number is being saved by default in people’s phone contact list on most Android phones.

With french hacker Elliot Baptiste's tweet asking people to check if UIDAI's tollfree number is added to their contact list by default, many replied confirming the number saved in their contacts. Soon, many netizens expressed their concern over UIDAI toll free being added to their Android phones without their consent.

A. UIDAI Claims helpline number 1800-300-1947 is invalid

archive.org has a copy of press statement on Aadhaar Grievances (regular reminder, internet never forgets)


Download link: https://web.archive.org/web/20180803104926/http://pib.nic.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=107892

1800-300-1947 is printed on all of the Aadhaar cards, for verification check yours [if you have :( ]

An obvious doubt: If the helpline number is invalid, why is it still printed on Aadhaar cards and published on government websites?

B. UIDAI claims it did not ask/advice any mobile manufacturers/telecom service providers/Android to include their helpline in default list of public service numbers.

Read The Economic Times article which says UIDAI wants to make mobile phones Aadhaar-enabled, holds discussion with smartphone makers

Back in July 2016, CEO of UIDAI and product software think tank iSPIRT discussed with senior executives of smartphone-makers Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft and Micromax on ways to make mobile phone handsets Aadhaar-enabled.

An obvious doubt: If none of UIDAI, Govt., Cellphone operators, smartphone manufacturers or Mobile OS developers do it, then who did it?

Diving deep

We can't just see these claims as regular denial of UIDAI, but to understand it as a malicious attempt to gaslight citizens of India.

Adding UIDAI's helpline number to your smartphones without consent could be just 'tip of the iceberg', in near future your smart phones can be turned into Aadhaar-enabled surveillance devices


UIDAI awarded new title for privacy-aware citizens/groups as
"some vested interest are trying to create unwarranted confusion in the public"

after the title "Orchestrated Wine And Cheese Campaigners"

History of UIDAI lies and half-truths

Listing down in some time, stay tuned.