Beware of colleges/companies collecting Aadhaar data

It has come to our notice that certain software companies/organisations
in deal with colleges are mandating to collect Aadhaar details of
students. These details are said to be gathered for the purpose of
college management solutions they provide to various engineering colleges.

The Aadhaar number is collected along with personal details such as
caste, religion, gender and academic data. [1]

FDP- Adoption of FOSS for Effective Teaching & Learning in Enginnering

CMR Group Of Institutions

fdpSwecha academic chapter initiated one week Faculty- Development Program from 18-23 June 2018. This is going to be organized in collaboration with CMR College of Engineering and Technology. The program is aimed at professional development of faculty by providing handson experience on Free and Open Source Software for Teaching and Learning.

FSMI statement on Security of the Aadhaar personal data and ECMP Software

May 5, 18

Dr. AB Pandey,

Subject: Security of the Aadhaar personal data and ECMP Software

Dear Sir,

        This is to bring to your attention a very serious issue which has come to our notice. There are WhatsApp messages circulating about a patched version of the Enrollment Client Management Platform (ECMP) software used for off-line Aadhaar enrollment, which can potentially be used to bypass geo-location and bio-metrics, and also change the mapping between personal data of Aadhaar holders and their bio-metric data.