Freedom Fest @Guntur

Swecha is conducting A Two day Freedom fest on 7th and 8th of March, 2014

We live in days when facts have started to threaten, the world's limited resources are being depleted at an ever faster rate, the miseries of millions are ever increasing. We see massive strides being made in science and technology and yet the fruits of these technological advancements are not reaching the vast majority of people. So here we are yet again to realise our necessity, reinventing ourselves


Who can lead the way, change the tide? Well, it's the youth, unassuming and brilliant, can achieve anything which comes their way hacking with intelligensia.And, who, better than engineers can lead this change?

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Science and technology have got tremendous scope to benefit the society, and it is exactly at the interface between science and society that an engineer operates.

At Freedom Fest, you get an opportunity to interact with the experts from the IT Industry, Hackers, Research scholars from various disciplines and mingle with and compete against like minded students from across the engineering spectrum  to evolve engineering solutions to existing problems.


At Freedom Fest, we celebrate not just science and technology, but also the 'freedom' (and hence the name) to pursue science and technology, without obstacles and hindrances of any kind.