Day Against DRM

Day Against DRM

We as Swecha, strongly oppose inclusion of DRM (Digital Rights Management)  technologies and its attempt to control what a user can and can't do with the media and hardware you've purchased.

Would you like to watch your legally bought movies on different devices? Would you like to backup your DVDs? Or would you like to convert your e-books into different formats?

Digital Restrictions Management systems place restrictions on your right to do all of these things. Your movies or e-books may even stop working alltogether if the vendor goes bankrupt, or no longer maintains a particular DRM system

We need "FREE Internet" not Balkanized(FreeBasics) Internet...

On December 17, Facebook unleashed a massive campaign trying to win support for its Free Basics platform, which has been the subject of a lot of controversy.This is in the context of the consultation paper put out by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, which looks into the issue of differential pricing. The paper stresses the need for ensuring non-discrimination, competitiveness and transparency in data tariffs and asks for recommendations for the same. Rightly fearing that its attempts to monopolize the internet and create a walled garden will be stopped, Facebook is now trying to galvanize the support of its users, many of whom unwittingly signed up in support of Free Basics. This is classic Facebook-style manipulation to garner support of Indians. Over the past few months, Facebook has received a huge amount of criticism for its attempts to wall the internet through Free Basics, which they had originally called Even Mark Zuckerberg's many publicity attempts have not succeeded in resolving the concerns of the Indian technology community and people. This consultation paper by TRAI is a good opportunity to take a firm stand against content providers acting as gatekeepers. It is now essential that we all work together to foil this sort of manipulation by Facebook.

Press Statement on abeyance of guidelines for examination of Computer Related Inventions


The Free Software Movement of India (FSMI) welcomes the decision of the Patent Office, made vide its Order of December 14, 2015, to revoke the Guidelines for Patenting of Computer Related Inventions (CRIs) issued on August 21, 2015.

The Patent Office has stated in its aforementioned order that having received several representations regarding the interpretation and scope of Section 3(k) of Patents Act, it has decided to keep the Guidelines of August 21, 2015, under abeyance till contentious issues are resolved.

BalaSwecha OS new version released in 10 different locations simultaneously on the occasion of Children's day.

BalaSwecha Activity .

BalaSwecha activity in Nalgonda district

BalaSwecha Activity .

Kodad Swecha Resource center

Swecha Resource center

Glad to announce the establishment of the Kodad Swecha Resource Centre , Inaugrated by @Siddhartha Malempati followed by session on Linux installation and Internals by @Sudhamsh K
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