Hactivist assembly experiences October 2018

Many Hactivists shared their experiences who participated in the Hactivist assemblies. Their spirits are high and experiences are inspiring.



I have not had any experience in past... but this 1st experience gave me a hope that i will definetly reach my goal..I think this is my first step of my goal.....I had earned 200 ruppes by selling vegetables and packing buns in bakery within 4 hours..after completing once I thought... I can achieve anything on my own and stand on that..thank you swecha for being part of my life..A lesson learned in hacktivist is.. a person can achieve only with his worth.

Divya Reddy

Today...it was a wonderful day..I have learnt so much regarding my life..and I have a great experience about what I did....
By giving this field work in a part of Hacktivest Assembly am so thankful to our swecha family....By doing this work I came to know how our parents work hard to earn money..
To earn money I have work so much...now going tell how I earn Money:

Beware of colleges/companies collecting Aadhaar data

It has come to our notice that certain software companies/organisations in deal with colleges are mandating to collect Aadhaar details of students. These details are said to be gathered for the purpose of college management solutions they provide to various engineering colleges. The Aadhaar number is collected along with personal details such as caste, religion, gender and academic data. [1] In light of recent leaks of various Aadhaar databases[2] particularly regarding educational institutions [3], your personal data is prone to leaks and misuse. The consequences for the students and the management, of identity leak or theft are serious and enormous. Moreover, we express concern in handing over our personal data over a number these companies which are fake and act solely as data accumulating enterprises. According to Aadhaar act, unauthorised third-parties collecting Aadhaar can be legally punishable. The Supreme Court has declared Right to Privacy is a part of fundamental rights. Swecha therefore advises students, faculty and concerned citizens to watch out for these frauds and beware of them. Let's fight this together. write to us at contact@swecha.net, if such cases of forceful Aadhaar data collection drives comes to your notice. 1.

FDP- Adoption of FOSS for Effective Teaching & Learning in Enginnering

Swecha academic chapter initiated one week Faculty-
Development Program from 18-23 June 2018.
This is going to be organized in collaboration with
CMR College of Engineering and Technology.
The program is aimed at professional development
of faculty by providing handson experience on
Free and Open Source Software for Teaching and Learning.

FSMI statement on Security of the Aadhaar personal data and ECMP Software

May 5, 18
Dr. AB Pandey,
Subject: Security of the Aadhaar personal data and ECMP Software

Dear Sir,

Summer Internship


Internship Program





Intensive Industry training camp (IITC) is an annual training programme, conducted by Swecha that improves students learning capacity with a team driven environment. Going beyond simple technology Introduction with assignments, IITC provides an integrated system that consolidates technology learning through project simulation. This would be a 10-day residential camp held at a campus for all the students of nearby Institutions. The participants will also have Games, Impact Sessions, Team-Building activities and much more., along with the Technology. By this way, Swecha incorporates the Personality Skills inclusively by training technically. Swecha summer camp assures satisfying learning experience on the Emerging Technologies by interactive and effective training aiming to bridge the gap between IT and Academia. In long­run, Swecha aims to aware the participants about the alternatives to the Monopolized Proprietary tools and also make them a part of the contribution. Since 2014, there have been Summer camps organized at Khammam.

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