Workshop On free software technologies in VNRVJIET

vGLUG (VNR VJIET GNU/ LINUX Users Group), in association with Swecha is organizing a two-day workshop on Free Software Technologies on the 12th and 13th of March, 2012. The workshop is being organized as part of their two-day National Level Technical Symposium.

Topics: Free software phylosophy   Speaker: Siddartha malampati

              Demystifying cloud                Speaker: Siddartha malampati

Workshop in Jyothishmathi College of Engineering and Technology

A two-day workshop on Free Software Technologies is being organized by Swecha at Jyothishmathi College of Engineering and Technology on the 14th and 15th of March, 2012. The workshop covers the following topics:


1. An Alternative Paradigm of Computing- A Free Software Perspective

2. Making of a Computer Suite- Installation of GNU/ LINUX

3. Introduction to Python

4. Drupal (Content Management System)

Contact : Sravan- 9059857189

Workshop on Free Software Technologies at KL University


Swecha has organized two one day workshops for the students from Electronics and Communications Engineering of KL University near Vijayawada on the 21st and 22nd of February, 2012 on Free Software Technologies. The workshop was inaugurated by Prof. L. Pratap Reddy.

The students were introduced to Octave and Shell scripting during the course of these workshops. Over 700 students from B.Tech and M.Tech participated in these two days. The workshops received an overwhelming response with several of the students evincing interest to work further on the various free software technologies available.

A GNU/ LINUX Users Group was re-launched in the college on this occasion. 

Talk on "Internet Freedom in the Context of SOPA/ PIPA"


Industry, research and academics have achieved a great progress in the past two-decades owing to the availability of "free" internet. However, the future of internet looks bleak with the introduction of acts such as SOPA and PIPA. Realizing the implications, and with an objective of advocating for a free internet, Swecha has organized a talk on "Internet Freedom in the Context of SOPA and PIPA" on the 8th of February, 2012 at Swecha Plaza, Gachibowli 'X' Roads.


Campaign for Stallman's Visit Kicks Off!

Richard Stallman Talk
Swecha kick started its campaign for Richard Stallman's visit to Hyderabad by releasing a poster today. Swecha requests all the free software enthusiasts and advocates of freedom to spread the word and reverberate our commitment to Internet Freedom.

A Talk by Richard Stallman

Way to Swecha officeSwecha, a part of Free Software Movement of India, invites all Free Software enthusiasts and advocates of freedom alike, from the industry, academia, students, and bureaucracy to the talk by Richard Stallman. The details of the event are as follows:


- Richard Matthew Stallman

- Initiator of the GNU Project

- Pioneer of the concept of Copyleft

-Developer of EMACS and GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)

-President of the Free Software Foundation

-Computer Programmer and Hacktivist


Talk on "Internet Freedom in the Context of SOPA/ PIPA"


On 8th February, 2012

From 3:00 pm onwards


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