Summer Camp 2k15

K L University,Vijayawada and Anits College Vishakapatnam

The importance of bridging the gap between industry and academia is known to all. More often, the research pursued by academia leads to significant strides in the industry and changing trends in the industry need to be reflected in the academic curriculum taught at Universities/ Colleges. However, going by the present scenario, the latter doesn’t seem to be happening as dynamically as it’s supposed to be.

Gone are the days when one should write thousands of lines of code (if not more) to design a simple web page. These are the days when on line content could be managed just with a click of the mouse!

With the emergence of Firefox OS, smart phones have started expanding their horizons like never before in history

Number of lines of code required to accomplish a given task has come down by over 70%, thanks to the advent of Python!

Until a couple of years ago, to imagine storing Tera bytes of data at a remote location and accessing it from any location was dreadful. Today, we have cloud- with some answers and more questions!

Network speeds have increased, electronic circuits are undergoing rapid transformation, new vistas are opening up as new problems surface.

And, all of this is made possible, not by a single entity or an individual, but by close collaboration of the community. Like Newton rightly said, “If I am able to see beyond my forefathers, it’s because I stand on their shoulders.”

In this scenario, it’s extremely important for engineering students (the bright minds of our Nation) to not only learn technology, but also to understand the growing importance of ‘Freedom’ to pursue technological research and education.

Swecha’s 15 Day Industry Oriented Training Camps offer just that (and a little more)!

Dates:- June 8th -June 17th (Anits College ,Vishakapatnam)

              June20th - July4th   (K L University, Vijayawada)

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