Swecha congratulates ISRO and the nation on this great achievement

Swecha, part of Free Software Movement of India, congratulates the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) upon its successful Mars mission. This achievement has been possible only because of the relentless efforts of all the scientists at ISRO, who have stayed back to serve our motherland despite several lucrative opportunities abroad. Swecha salutes all such scientists.

With this feat, India becomes only the fourth country in the world, next only to the USA, European Union and Russia, to have succeeded in a Mars mission! What's more laudable is the fact that ISRO has achieved this herculean task in the very first attempt itself and in a shoestring budget of approximately 450 crore rupees. This, by any standard, is no mean achievement.

The successful completion of Mars Orbiter Mission also goes on to demonstrate the technological prowess of Indian brains, and we urge the Indian government to ensure that such indigenous technology is promoted in other spheres too, say for instance in mobile manufacturing, which has got a tremendous scope for employment generation.

Swecha believes that investments in science and technology could benefit the people at large. Developed countries are richer than developing countries because they have made this investment. Unless we make this investment in science and technology and in promoting indigenous technology, not just in trying to catch up with the developed nations, but also in developing cutting- edge technology, we will be forced to be importers of technology. This continues to result in under- development and poverty. Similarly, as an organization working towards taking technology to the masses, we hope that all investments made in science and technology are in the interests of the people.

Swecha, once again congratulates ISRO for their achievement which has made the whole nation proud and hope it tastes success in all its endeavours, both for its own and the nation's pride.