Session at Gudlavalleru Engineeing College


A one day seminar on FOSS was held at Gudlavalleru Engineering College at Gudlavalleru which was attended by more than 160 students and faculty
members of the college.

Siddhartha from Swecha took a session on topics including

  • What is Free Software
  • Importance of sharing
  • Basic information to GNU/LINUX (Ubuntu) &
  • Package installation

The post lunch session was initiated by Bhuvan from Swecha on

  • Convergence of technologies
  • Introduction and demo of Drupal

These interactive sessions were followed by group discussions among the students after which there was a screening of the video ‘Big Buck Bunny’ which is an open movie created using Blender, a free software 3D modeling suite. There was a great response from students on the video and the seminar as a whole. The students voluntarily came up with the initiative to form GLUGS in their college. Similar was the response from the Head of the IT department, who displayed great interest in conducting more such programs for the students in the college.

Drupal 7 Release Party

Swecha Office

With the release of Drupal 7, Drupal users are rejoicing this with what is termed "d7rp" or "Drupal 7 Release party". Drupal is one of the largest used CMS software in the world and continues to grow in that direction. With the new release, it is estimated that it will occupy much more market and will revolutionize the CMS market with supporting advanced features and technologies like PHP 5.3, RDF, jQuery 1.7, etc.

The latest release is posted at and the parties are mentioned in the website . Over 96 countries have hosted 365 parties throughout the world celebrating Drupal. Drupal 7 was a effort put by 950 volunteers. This sure will make a big difference in the web history

Workshop on Signal and Image Processing using "Octave "


Venue:Sreenidhi Institute of Science & Technology,Yamnampet, Ghatkesar, Hyderabad - 501 301
Event Date: 11th December 2010

Basics of octave and features ,merits and demerits when compare to matlab.
Basic simulation lab details using ocatave ( design and simulation  with online demos )
Design and simulation of signal processing with live examples
image analysis ,filtering ,enhancements ,compression operations using octave
Applications of image processing principals in the fields of digital water marking,compression, document analysis emphasised using octave