District Workshop on FOSS Technologies in Vijayawada

Swecha in association with VR Siddhartha College of Engineering and NIMRA Institute of Technology has organized a two-day workshop as a part of Software Freedom Fortnight on the 25th and 26th of September, 2011.

This workshop catered to the students of engineering colleges of Krishna, Guntur and Prakasam districts. Around 200 students from more than 10 engineering participated in this workshop. The workshop was inaugurated by Mr. Koteswara Rao, HOD of IT Dept, VR Siddartha Institute of Engineering and Technology. Mr. Siddartha Malempati, Vice President, Swecha took up a session on 'Free Software Philosophy' and explained the importance of FOSS technologies to the participants after the inaugural session. Naveen from Swecha took up a session on 'Making of a Computer Suite' in which he explained the installation procedure of GNU/LINUX based Operating System, Ubuntu. He also demonstrated the various functionalities of the Operating System. Chaitanya and Ravi Teja, members of the student chapter of Swecha, free software hacktivists and a students of MVGR College of Engineering have taken technology sessions on the following topics:

Software Freedom Fortnight, 16th Sep - 2nd Oct

Swecha is celebrating Software Freedom Fortnight between 16th Sep - 2nd Oct in various districts of Andhra pradesh. The final event "Students convention" will be organized in Hyderabad which will sum up all efforts from the district level events. Following are the proposed dates for the events:

Date City
28th-29th Sep Khammam
23rd-24th Sep
  • Narsapur
24th-25th Sep
  • Vijaywada
  • Guntur
  • Chittoor
  • Kadapa
  • Visakapatnam
25th-26th Sep Kakinada
1st-2nd Oct Hyderabad
26th Sep Karimnagar

Please contact Siddharth +91 94900 98016 or write at siddhartha [at] swecha [dot] net for further details

One day work shop on Android and Open street maps

DRK institute of science and technology is organizing a one day work shop on Android mobile operating sysytem and Open street maps in its college fest Illuminati, in association with SWECHA an initiation by dGLUG. The workshop aims to train participants create their own android application and also develop the open street maps using FOSS. Also it will help the participants to think innovatively and empower them to achieve the same with other technologies.

The following topics will be covered in this workshop:

1. Android
2. Open street maps

Session will be taken by Siddhartha and Kiran kumar from SWECHA

Swecha at Science Fair in Andhra University

Swecha had set up a stall in the Science Fair in Andhra University that took place from the 12-15 February 2011. There were continuous demo sessions on the Swecha Operating System, eSwecha and Bala Swecha. Swecha was greatly appreciated by all the visitors of the stall for its efforts in localizing the OS in Telugu.

The stall had volunteers from the AUCE Glug team and also from the Free Software enthusiasts from various other Engineering Colleges from Vizag. There were continuous parallel sessions going on, on Free Software Philosophy and various other technical sessions that the visitors were interested in.

Many senior faculty and students from various engineering colleges had visited the stall. The visitors were so inspired by the Free Software philosophy and the work being done by Swecha & FSMI that many students & faculty members voluntarily came forward requesting Swecha to start glugs in their respective colleges.

Swecha Localisation sprint

The localization sprint was organized on many occasions and we have been taking the activity forward relentlessly ever since it was conceptualized at Swecha. People from various backgrounds including students, IT Professionals , experts from various domains have actively contributed to this effort. The slogan of "నేను సైతం కంప్యూటర్ విజ్ఞానాన్ని తెలుగు ప్రజలకు చేరువ చేస్తాను" has attracted all educated Telugu speaking people cutting across the boundaries to support and participate. Consistent efforts by evangelists from all walks of life has resulted in evolving it and reaching up to 82% completion.

We are just a few steps away from our goal to achieve a 100% localized GNOME which will facilitate in having one complete flavor of a Telugu OS(distribution). Every word you translate can bring hundreds of people....e-illiterates to be transformed to e-literates.

Come let's join hands to have our own OS in Telugu which will be the first of its kind...YOU can make a difference by participating in the Localization Sprint by

Session at Gudlavalleru Engineeing College

A one day seminar on FOSS was held at Gudlavalleru Engineering College at Gudlavalleru which was attended by more than 160 students and faculty
members of the college.

Siddhartha from Swecha took a session on topics including

  • What is Free Software
  • Importance of sharing
  • Basic information to GNU/LINUX (Ubuntu) &
  • Package installation

The post lunch session was initiated by Bhuvan from Swecha on

  • Convergence of technologies
  • Introduction and demo of Drupal

These interactive sessions were followed by group discussions among the students after which there was a screening of the video ‘Big Buck Bunny’ which is an open movie created using Blender, a free software 3D modeling suite. There was a great response from students on the video and the seminar as a whole. The students voluntarily came up with the initiative to form GLUGS in their college. Similar was the response from the Head of the IT department, who displayed great interest in conducting more such programs for the students in the college.

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