Swecha Bootcamp 2015



Swecha is conducting a 7 day summer camp with advanced technical training named 'Swecha Boot Camp' from 18-06-2015 to 24-06-2015.

What is Swecha Boot Camp?
It's time for the technical aspirants to move from basic towards advanced level technical training for cutting edge technologies to stand up in the current evolving trend.
The main objective of this camp is to introduce and work with the cutting edge technologies under the guidance of experts from industry.

Technologies involved : Meteor.js , Polymer, Speech Feature Extraction, ANTLR (Make your programming language etc)

Speakers from Swecha, IIITH and ThoughtWorks will present the sessions.

FreedomFest 2015 Hyderabad


Swecha is conducting a two day workshop called "FreedomFest" at SVK Gachibowli on 3rd and 4th April. There are a wide range of technologies covered and speakers from ThoughtWorks, Drupal Hyderabad, IIIT etc are coming to deliver various sessions.

Swecha invites everybody to participate in the FreedomFest

GirlsWhoHack - A Tech Workshop on the International Women's Day ( 08/03/2015 )

#GirlsWhoHack : A Tech Workshop for women and by women as a part of International Women's Day celebrations.


  Swecha in association with ThoughtWorks is conducting a one day workshop on Firefox OS App Development, Ruby Programming Language and Agile Methodologies as a  part of International Women's Day to encourage women to get into IT. Speakers from IIIT-Hyderabad, ThoughtWorks and Swecha will talk about the aforementioned technologies and will interact with participants.

 We invite all girl students, women IT professionals and others who are be interested to attend and participate in the event. Please register at girlswhohack.swecha.org

Session on Developing Mozilla Firefox OS Apps at Mahaveer

Swecha organized a workshop on Firefox OS on 31th January 2015 at Mahaveer. About 100 students attended the session.

img src="http://i.imgur.com/VqjIRqd.jpg">


Kishan : As Firefox OS Apps are built with HTML,CSS and JavaScript, Kishan introduced HTML and CSS to students who are new and touched upon the new things in HTML5 and CSS3
Shashank : Shashank introduced the platform of Firefox OS, the tools required and the importance of this emerging new mobile operating system. He then, talked about JavaScript and the process of App Development.
In the lab session that followed, Students made some firefox os applications.

Enabling Telugu In Gnome 3

Software Freedom Fortnight Celebrations

Overwhelming response to the Software Freedom Fortnight Celebrations by Swecha

More than 500 students from various colleges in Hyderabad participated in the Free Software workshops held by Swecha. These workshops were held at VNR VJIET, SVIT and SMEC colleges in Hyderabad. The sessions were aimed at introducing various free software alternatives available for the students in the engineering domain. A number of students showed interest in participating in more such workshops. The students were greatly inspired by these workshops to intensify their glug activities in close to 25 engineering colleges with the help of Swecha. The hosting glugs are vglug, EERF and vinx.

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