Signatures for the petition : Petition to Cancel Proprietary Tender by NIC

Surnamesort iconFirst nameTownCountry
.Bhanu PrakashHyderabad
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AManiKolkataUse and production of closed source proprietary software should be banned.
AbhinavAbhasBangaloreApart from the petition, let us also offer to give them an alternative solution.
abhishekpHyderabadSuch blunt decisions should not be taken by the apex judiciary body of a Largest Democratic Country
AbleJoseBangaloreAtleast Govt sector should not go for a proprietoty vendor lock-in considering the security.
ahmedlayeeqhyderabadlinux is more secured as compared to Xp
AHUJAAJAYADILABADSTOP IT! enough is enough ! we dont want our india be dependent on others any more
ajayrajivhyderabadnot good
AkbharDhasthagheerkanchipuramplease don use proprietar.....
AkhilMuringayilChennaiThis is truly outrageous, it is high time that taxpayers' money be not wasted on monopoly software.
AlexGokulTrivandrumWe deplore the lack of transparency in this process which can only help the back door business
anichettyvamsee krishnahyderabadIndia will totally loose there revenue N economy crisis if this judiciary rule comes to existence..
AnilGiriNew DelhiNIC should promote open standards. Please make judicious use of public money.
AnilkumarKVKanhangad, KeralaI fully endorse it
Anish BharathaHyderabad
anoopvargheseOpen Source should be promoted, it makes economical and social sense
ArjunNeeliHyderabadDo Justice! Scrap Proprietary Tender!!
AroraRaviGuwahatiIts waste of people's money. Buy PC-based laptops and use free software.
AshokJai Sathish KumarAvadi, ChennaiPlease go with Open source tools
BaijuM RTrivandrum
BallaDurgapathiHyderabadIt is better to follow the open standards.
BappukunjuEkbalKottayamI support thedemand that the current tender should be scrapped
betalarakeshchennaicurrent tender should be scrapped because its not in the favour of layman...
Bhadri RajuMSVSBhimavaram,West Godavari,A.P.this type of tender is objectionable and has to be cancelled with immediate effect.
BhamidimarriSirishaHyderabadOur country is democratic and every one must be free to use the software of their own choice.
BharadwajChandra KiranHyderabadPlease stop this tender .. use FOSS dont use proprietary software `
bhardwajkuldeepdelhidown with the monopoly
BhargavaPushpa MittraHyderabadI am all in for free and open source software
BhattacharyaJaijitNew DelhiThis is a highly avoidable loss to the lIndian economy and also weakens the indigenous IT industry
BhattacharyaJaijitNew DelhiThis is highly damaging for the indigenous IT industry and would lead to unneccessary economic loss
BhutaSamyakVadodaraI support the views. Vendor lock-in is as bad as "Ghulami".
Bhuvan KrishnaDHyderabadDo Justice for the Supreme Cort by scraping the current deal and adopting Free Software.
bonagalaravihyderabadstop monopoly sysytem
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