Government Should focus On Employment Generation

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press note on union budget(telugu)
press note on union budget(english)

The students and employment seekers in Andhra Pradesh are left terribly disappointed by the
Union Budget’14. After voting for governments at the Centre and State with high aspirations of
getting new employment opportunities, the fact that there was no mention of employment
generation, especially the much talked about ITIR project in the budget has upset the youth of
Andhra Pradesh.
After winning the elections on the plank of development, both the central and state
governments have failed to take up steps to generate employment which plays a vital role in
development. Every year more then 2 lakhs professional students aiming to secure a job in the IT
industry graduate out of college. The recent budget has failed to cater to their aspirations.
It is a known fact that manufacturing and services (IT) play a vital role in the generation of
employment opportunities. Moreover, it would not be an exaggeration to state that it is the IT
industry that generates employment in a relatively shorter period of time. For the IT industry to
develop, it becomes imperative for the governments to establish the ITIR and encourage the
industry in accordance with the changing landscape, thereby generating employment opportunities.
Although the decision to set up IIT and IIM in the state is appreciable, they do not aid in
generating employment in the shorter run. The people have voted for this government with a belief
that it would encourage and promote the IT industry in the state. However, the state government has
failed miserably in putting pressure on the Union Government in this direction, despite being a
friendly party.
In the coming days, the state government should work with the main agenda of employment
generation. In this direction, the state government should mount pressure on the union government
and should ensure that the ITIR for the generation of immediate employment opportunities and
manufacturing industry for employment generation in the longer run are established.

Kiran Chandra,