Government of Andhra Pradesh Should Focus On Employment Generation.

Press Note on ITIR and AP state budget (Telugu)
Press Note on ITIR and AP state budget (english)

The much anticipated and awaited budget of the residual state of Andhra Pradesh for the financial year 2014-15 has been presented today. However, the students and employment seekers have been terribly disappointed by this budget. They have voted for the government expecting it to take steps to ensure employment generation. The fact that there was no mention of the much hyped ITIR Project in the budget has upset the youth of Andhra Pradesh. It is to be borne in mind that the ITIR Project has not been mentioned in the Union Budget presented earlier  this year as well.

Employment generation has been a major promise in the campaign of the ruling party in the run up to the elections. However, this budget fails to deliver on this promise. What is more surprising is the fact that there have been grand plans for the IT industry in the state with planned employment creation of 5,00,000 additional jobs from the existing 21,000 in the state and inceasing the exports to Rs.43,000 crores from the existing exports of Rs.1600 crore, while the budget allocation to the IT sector has been a mere Rs.111 crore! This further adds to the woes of the youth of our state.

More than 2,00,000 students graduate out of engineering colleges every year from Andhra Pradesh, with an aspiration to secure a job in the IT sector. The recent budget has undeniably failed to cater to their aspirations.

It is a known fact that Manufacturing and Services (IT) sectors play a vital role in the generation of employment opportunities. Moreover, it would not be an exaggeration to state that it is the IT industry that generates employment in a relatively shorter period of time. And for the IT industry to develop, it becomes imperative for the government to establish the ITIR corridor and encourage the industry in accordance with the changing landscape, thereby generating employment opportunities.

Although there was a mention of setting up a couple of IIITs‘, they do not aid in employment generation in the shorter run. The people have voted for this government with a belief that it would promote the IT industry. However, the state government has failed miserably in this direction.

The state govemment should immediately take steps to generate jobs. In this direction, it should address the concerns of the youth by making its stand clear on the ITIR project. It should also ensure that the ITIR project for the generation of jobs immediately and manufacturing industry for employment generation in the longer run are established on top priority.