Developer Conference Hyderabad 2017




Hyderabad, home to more than 300,000 techies, is one of the largest software hubs. It is also home to a huge FOSS community. What we need is a platform that connects technologists from across the spectrum - whether you are working in a start-up or a freelancer or a seasoned industry professional.

And that is where "DevCon Hyderabad" comes in - a platform to learn, share, network, collaborate and contribute. Organanised by Swecha, DevCon is a place where technologies and developers meet. Technology keeps changing and evolving - and we are at the cusp of another such shift. Listen to experts in the industry on what are these changes, get a feel of these new technologies and learn to stay ahead of the curve.

DevCon aims to be the largest developer conference in Hyderabad. The first edition of DevCon Hyderabad is scheduled to be held on the 14th and 15th of October, 2017.

The selection of topics for this conference has been based on the trends in the IT industry - from Microservices and DevOps to AI/ML and Mobile. Over the course of two days, participants will gain exposure to the latest happenings in each of these streams and gain an insight into the future of IT.

A brief about the topics to be covered in the conference:


Gone are the days when the server was this huge block of code which everyone hates to touch. Learn the 21st century methods of building applications at scale and as micro services. Build small, simple yet robust applications, all by just breaking them up into smaller, maintainable chunks in the language of your choice.


Bridge the gap between being the developer and the ops person. Learn all the cutting edge tools of the trade and be involved in all the way from writing your first commit to deploy it in the cloud. Use Chef to manage the huge cluster and ansible to do fast provisioning. Explore the world of containers with Docker and manage a million node cluster via Kubernetes. The Planet Scale.


The future is the machines. Learn how to make smarter and more human programs. Programs that don't just serve you but feel you. Make sense of so much data around us to make something that can talk back to us, make decisions for us. Data is the new oil and we have to make sense of it. Neural networks, clustering, classification is just the tip and there is much more to learn. Explore Python, NLTK, Daydream and TensorFlow to get the very best of ML and build the perfect AI.

Mobile & Web (Mobile - Kotlin, Web - ReactJS & PWA)

The age of the handheld screen is here and we see less of desktops by the day. Build cutting edge native Android apps using Kotlin; the language winning hearts and awards alike. Use Facebook's React Native to build rich user interfaces which are not only elegant but FAST. See the new world of progressive web apps which blurs the line between a web and a mobile app. Learn to use the tools to create the perfect cross platform app.