Advanced Workshop on Developing Mozilla Firefox OS Apps

On 10th and 11th of January 2014, Swecha organized an Advanced training workshop on Mozilla Firefox OS Application building. About 25 students who were already trained on the prerequisites (HTML, CSS, JS) for Firefox OS Apps attended the workshop.


Rahul De (System Developer at ThoughtWorks) : Rahul started with the basics of JavaScript like DOM and constructs in it to the more advanced concepts like JS events and JSON
Ganesh Katrapati (Research Assistant at IIIT-Hyderabad) : Ganesh introduced app development in Firefox OS, starting the tools one needs to develop the apps to various kinds of API's and Storage options available for the developer for kickstarting his/her app.


Following the session on Firefox OS, students were grouped into teams of two. These teams then developed one firefox os app each. These are some of the apps that were developed.
Shashank and Santosh
Santosh and Shashank developed a Note Making app for firefox os. Using the app, one can add a note, and view all the notes present. They added visually attractive CSS3 elements to the app. They used HTML5's LocalStorage to store the notes in a persistent manner. Their app can be downloaded, used, modified and redistributed from :
Yeshwant and Akhil
Akhil and Yeshwant made a CSS3 Calculator . They describe it as
This is a basic calculator that is built using JavaScript and HTML5. The app contains an input field and various buttons for the numbers and the operations.
In addition, they also made an app which uses HTML5's GeoLocation
Hemant and Rahman
Hemant and Rahman made a City Guide Application . They describe it as
This is application is very useful for a person who is new to any town or a city. It serves as a personal guide and provides the user with pages of information which help him/her to explore the city better. They can know the city's updates too. This app also contains all the contact numbers of important services in the city like the police stations, hotels etc.
This is developed using HTML5, CSS3, Firefox simulator and WebIDE
Mani and Ashraf
Ashraf and Mani made a Dynamic Tic-Tac-Toe Game . This game introduces a whole new level of complexity by letting the user decide the grid size of the game. They used HTML5 and Advanced JavaScript for this app.
Kiran and Rajesh
Kiran and Rajesh made a Music Player . They describe it as
This app was developed using HTML5, CSS3 and JS. Player can create music files as a playlist and the app will load the music files. A cool CSS3 layout was used for the pause/play interface itself.
. Checkout the code at
Anirudh and Shiva
Anirudh and Shiva made an RSS Client for the website . They describe it as
This app provides all the updates from the site. It pulls the RSS content from the website and it reads the feed using JQuery-RSS Library. HTML5 and CSS was also used.
Sheeban and Raju
Sheeban and Raju made an RSS Client for the website . Sheeban describes it as
Gutenberg is an online portal where many efforts are going on for the encouragement of digitizing books. The project gutenberg is a place where we can freely read them or download them.
I have chosen RSS to get the latest updates and book-details from the website and made the app using the WebIDE, Firefox os simulator, HTML5, CSS3 and JS

After creating these apps, each team presented their app, explained the functionality and went through the details of building the app.