Bala Vignana Vahini

    Swecha organized an event in a Govt school located in Manikonda. A team of 5 volunteers headed this event. Initially the team worked on preparing videos according to their syllabus and searched for related applications. Team chose solar system, eclipse formation and simple machines as the topics and ‘Stellarium’ application which showcases solar system.

The team took the session for VIII class students (Telugu Medium), who were very energetic and enthusiastic to learn their subjects on computers. About 25% of the class already knew and used a computer before. A pre-assessment test was conducted where the students scored 6 out of 15 on an average. Later, videos were played where the students watched with keen interest and were very happy and excited to see the formation of eclipse and the solar system. We introduced them to computer basics and showcased ‘Rasberry Pi’ as miniature alternative to the huge desktops. The students wondered how that small piece worked as a computer and when that was connected to the projector, we could hear a big ‘wow’ from them.

The most liked part by most of the students was ‘Stellarium’ application. When we had asked them which place they wanted to visit in the globe, every one shouted ‘America’. We showed them that it was night in the USA and seeing the stars they had a huge reaction. Later, post assessment test was conducted where the students scored 10 out of 15 on an average.

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