October 2018

Hactivist assembly experiences October 2018

Many Hactivists shared their experiences who participated in the Hactivist assemblies. Their spirits are high and experiences are inspiring.



I have not had any experience in past... but this 1st experience gave me a hope that i will definetly reach my goal..I think this is my first step of my goal.....I had earned 200 ruppes by selling vegetables and packing buns in bakery within 4 hours..after completing once I thought... I can achieve anything on my own and stand on that..thank you swecha for being part of my life..A lesson learned in hacktivist is.. a person can achieve only with his worth.

Divya Reddy

Today...it was a wonderful day..I have learnt so much regarding my life..and I have a great experience about what I did....
By giving this field work in a part of Hacktivest Assembly am so thankful to our swecha family....By doing this work I came to know how our parents work hard to earn money..
To earn money I have work so much...now going tell how I earn Money: