Freedom Fest @Guntur

Swecha is conducting A Two day Freedom fest on 7th and 8th of March, 2014

We live in days when facts have started to threaten, the world's limited resources are being depleted at an ever faster rate, the miseries of millions are ever increasing. We see massive strides being made in science and technology and yet the fruits of these technological advancements are not reaching the vast majority of people. So here we are yet again to realise our necessity, reinventing ourselves


Who can lead the way, change the tide? Well, it's the youth, unassuming and brilliant, can achieve anything which comes their way hacking with intelligensia.And, who, better than engineers can lead this change?

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Freedom Fest

Swecha is conducting A Two day Freedom fest on 24th and 25th of January, 2014

Seeing yourself in your mind's eye becoming a entrepreneur.

Want to be an IT industry virtuoso.

Are you apiring to be Research scholar.

Want have some hack-fun with hackers.

Want all of this in a whole pack of cards in just 12 hours.

Well, here's the thoroughfare realising your necessity.

A Seminar on Free software and Internet freedom by RMS

Swecha, a part of Free Software Movement of India, invites all Free Software enthusiasts and advocates of freedom alike, from the industry, academia, students, and bureaucracy to the talk by Richard Stallman. The details of the event are as follows:


- Richard Matthew Stallman

- Initiator of the GNU Project

- Pioneer of the concept of Copyleft

-Developer of EMACS and GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)

-President of the Free Software Foundation

-Computer Programmer and Hacktivist


Talk on "Free Software and Internet Security"


On 17th January, 2014

From 2-30 pm onwards


Internet Freedom Fortnight Celebrations

The recent revelations of Edward Snowden have brought to fore the unprecedented massive surveillance that the NSA under the aegis of USA has been carrying out on world countries. This naturally raises serious questions on the future of internet and democracy. If the Section 66(A) of the IT Act in India acts as a deterrent to freedom of speech and expression that the citizens are constitutionally entitled to, surveillance leads to loss of individual privacy and our national sovereignty. These acts remind us of the infamous days of colonial rule, to come out of which took us hundreds of years. Today, we are heading back to the same days- our domestic policies, space research, military strategies etc., are monitored by the USA through the various surveillance mechanisms. It is time we stand up and join the movement for internet and digital freedom!

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