A Seminar on Free software and Internet freedom by RMS

Swecha, a part of Free Software Movement of India, invites all Free Software enthusiasts and advocates of freedom alike, from the industry, academia, students, and bureaucracy to the talk by Richard Stallman. The details of the event are as follows:


- Richard Matthew Stallman

- Initiator of the GNU Project

- Pioneer of the concept of Copyleft

-Developer of EMACS and GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)

-President of the Free Software Foundation

-Computer Programmer and Hacktivist


Talk on "Free Software and Internet Security"


On 17th January, 2014

From 2-30 pm onwards


Internet Freedom Fortnight Celebrations

The recent revelations of Edward Snowden have brought to fore the unprecedented massive surveillance that the NSA under the aegis of USA has been carrying out on world countries. This naturally raises serious questions on the future of internet and democracy. If the Section 66(A) of the IT Act in India acts as a deterrent to freedom of speech and expression that the citizens are constitutionally entitled to, surveillance leads to loss of individual privacy and our national sovereignty. These acts remind us of the infamous days of colonial rule, to come out of which took us hundreds of years. Today, we are heading back to the same days- our domestic policies, space research, military strategies etc., are monitored by the USA through the various surveillance mechanisms. It is time we stand up and join the movement for internet and digital freedom!

Bala Vignana Vahini

    Swecha organized an event in a Govt school located in Manikonda. A team of 5 volunteers headed this event. Initially the team worked on preparing videos according to their syllabus and searched for related applications. Team chose solar system, eclipse formation and simple machines as the topics and ‘Stellarium’ application which showcases solar system.

The team took the session for VIII class students (Telugu Medium), who were very energetic and enthusiastic to learn their subjects on computers. About 25% of the class already knew and used a computer before. A pre-assessment test was conducted

Guest Lecture at Vasavi College of Engineering

Swecha organized a half day guest lecture at Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad on 2nd September, 2013.

The Guest Lecture covered the following topics:
1. Internet Freedom
2. Big Data- Hadoop

The lectures were well attended by around 120 students from 3rd year CSE of Vasavi College of Engineering.

Ashish, Member, Executive Committee, Swecha, and SAP Consultant, TCS and Pramod, Big Data Architect at CapGemini handled the lectures.

The students were told in detail about the implications of surveillance by NSA and the need for digital freedom in the first lecture.

That was followed up by a lecture on Big Data and Hadoop. The students came up with interesting questions and expressed their willingness to associate themselves with Swecha and take up Free Software through establishing a GLUG in their college.

swecha organized a two day workshop at mgit

Swecha organized a 2-day workshop at Mahathma Gandhi Institute of Technology , Gandipet, Hyderabad From 16-17th August,2013.

The workshop covered the following topics:

                          1. An Alternative Paradigm of Computing- A Free Software Perspective by B. Sandeep from Media 10,

                          2. GNU/ LINUX System Administration by B. Sandeep from Media 10,

                          3. Python Programming by NIkhileswar and Ganesh from IIIT-H.

120 students from Mgit participated in this workshop and The students have expressed their willingness and eagerness to be part of their GLUG and take forward the ideals of Free Software Movement.

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