Government Should focus On Employment Generation

press note on union budget(english)

The students and employment seekers in Andhra Pradesh are left terribly disappointed by the
Union Budget’14. After voting for governments at the Centre and State with high aspirations of
getting new employment opportunities, the fact that there was no mention of employment
generation, especially the much talked about ITIR project in the budget has upset the youth

poetry on swecha

నేడు జగమంతా ఒక కుగ్రామం

సమాచారమంతా హస్త దర్శనం

ఆధిపత్యం కొందరి సొత్తంటూ

ఆర్జనయే తమ దృక్పధమంటూ

పదమంటూ తమ పధములో

పధికులుగ పరుగులు పెట్టిస్తుంటే

                                            పడమంటూ ప్రలోభాల వలలో మేమంటూ

                                            పడనీయం రేపటి నిపులమంటూ

                                            అనుచితం కాని నైపుణ్యాలను

                                            ఉచితంగా అందరికి పంచుతూ

Freedom Fest, Hyderabad: An Eye-Opening Experience by Judy Das

Thanks a lot for sharing your experiances with us. In the name of freedom we will take this forward...

Swecha tribute to martyrs

   Swecha tribute to our martyrs Shahid. Bhagath sing, Sukhdev and Rajguru, who were sacrifice there lives for our nation through falsh mob at R.K beach and Railwaystation Visakhapatnam.

   In this event 32 members are participated from 6 engnieering colleges and many IT companies from surroundings of Vizag.

   For photos Click Here

Freedom Fest

A two-day technical fest conducted by Swecha (the second one this year) participated by 1500 students from 80 colleges in 3 states. The fest had technology workshops, Tech-talks, literary events,cultural events and sports.

On workshops front, sessions on HTML5, Octave, Hadoop-Big Data, Localization, Blender 3D animation were conducted. All handled by Industry professionals (from Thoughtworks, ModelN, etc) IIIT Hyderabad and experts from Swecha.

All the volunteers of Swecha have put in their best efforts to ensure the stupendous success of Freedom Fest by mobilizing 1500 participants and facilitated the smooth conduct of the events.


Freedom Fest @Guntur

Swecha is conducting A Two day Freedom fest on 7th and 8th of March, 2014

We live in days when facts have started to threaten, the world's limited resources are being depleted at an ever faster rate, the miseries of millions are ever increasing. We see massive strides being made in science and technology and yet the fruits of these technological advancements are not reaching the vast majority of people. So here we are yet again to realise our necessity, reinventing ourselves


Who can lead the way, change the tide? Well, it's the youth, unassuming and brilliant, can achieve anything which comes their way hacking with intelligensia.And, who, better than engineers can lead this change?

You can register here

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