3 Days Appthon Camp on Firefox Os at K.G.Reddy College of Engineering & Technology by SWECHA

Firefox OS, the new operating mobile system from Mozilla, represents a wonder appthon for many swecha students volunteers who want to create apps for it. On December 27-29th Swecha conducted a 3 Days Firefox Os Appthon Camp at K.G.Reddy College of Engineering & Technology, More than 50 Students of different colleges from telangana region have contributed apps to mozilla firefox community and proved their abilities with Web technologies (CSS, HTML and JavaScript), to learn new things about Firefox OS and to test apps on new devices.

The camp was cover the following topics:

1) Introduction to HTML,CSS Javascript & Open web APIs.

2) Introduction to JavaScript & Setuping Firefox Emulator.

3) Developing a Firefox Os App and Uploading to Firefox Market Place.


A Three Day Workshop on Web Development in VR Siddhartha Engineering College

Three Day workshop is going on in VR Siddhartha college of Engineering in VIjayawada on Web Development (22-12-2014 to 24-12-2014)                                                

The following topics were covered during the workshop:                                                       

1. Free Software Philosophy  

2. Drupal - Content Management System


Two Day Workshop on Python in St.Marys College of Enginering,Guntur


Swecha is organising a Two Day Workshop on python in St.mary College of Engineering and Techonology,Guntur from 28th Nov -29thNov.

Ashish,Member Executive Committee and Anil Software Engineer,E Crown Labs are taking the Sessions.




Swecha's contribution as a part of collecting funds for relief of Hud-hud cyclone victims.

hudhud relieffund.jpg

హుదుద్ భాదితుల సహాయార్ధం గుంటూరు ఒంగోలు మరియు విజయవాడలోని పలు ప్రదేశాలలో, వివిధ కళాశాల ఇంజనీరింగ్ విద్యార్ధులు తాము స్వయంగా తయారు చేసిన స్వేచ్చ తెలుగు కంప్యూటర్ కార్యాచరణ వ్యవస్థను ప్రదర్శనకు మరియు అమ్మకానికి పెట్టారు. దీని ద్వారా వచ్చిన మొత్తం సొమ్మును హుదుద్ భాదితుల సహాయార్ధం వినియోగించనున్నారు. దీనికి ప్రజల నుండి అపూర్వ స్పందన వస్తుంది.

2 day Student Training Workshop on Python

Venue: VIGNAN'S University,Guntur

Event Date: 17th -18th october 2014

VIGNAN'S University is organising  a Two day workshop on "Python" in association with Swecha. The workshop aims at sensitizing Graduate students about Python and research opportunities in the domain of Free Software and python.

A TWO DAY WORKSHOP ON PYTHON St.mary's women's engineering college guntur

Swecha is conducting a workshop on 09th and 10th th October, 2014. The workshop was cover the following topics:

1. An  AlternativeParadigm of Computing- A Free Software Perspective

2. GNU/ Linux System Administration

3. Python

The workshop was well  attended by over 60 students from 3rd and 4th CSE.

Gopi, Member, Executive Committee, Swecha & Senior web developer along with Anil  Kumar volunteer swecha & working as a programmer has taken the sessions.

Swecha wishes to conduct many more such workshops for the students in the coming  days.

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