2 Day Workshop at CBIT

Swecha is organized a 2 Day Workshop on Free Software Technologies at Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad on 26th & 27th of July, 2013.This workshop was covered the following topics:

Day1 : Databases (MySQL) - A Practical Approach and Python programming

Day2 : An Alternative Paradigm of Computing- A Free Software Perspective, GNU/ LINUX System Administration,  Drupal- Content Management System.

Praveen Chandrahas Member, Executive Committee, Swecha & Network consultant CISCO along with Abhinay sama Reasercher at VM Ware Technologies, RaviKiran  and sasiKiran Senior developers at Media10 handled the sessions that were attended by around 104 enthusiastic students.

Seminar on 'Freedom and Surveillance in the Digital Age'- Inspiring and Thought Provoking

Swecha and FSMI have jointly organized a seminar, titled ‘Freedom and Surveillance in the Digital Age’ on 13th July, 2013. The seminar was well attended by over 150 participants,comprising primarily of engineering college students, IT professionals, academicians, intellectuals, progressive and democratic minded citizens, activists and netizens.

A Twodays faculty development program on foss Technologies at godvari institute of engineering and technology

Swecha is conducting a twodays faculty development programme on foss technologies at Godavari institute of technology on 19th and 20th of july. we mainly concerntrate on Gnu/linux operating system and python programme and php web programming. In this programme we conduct hands on session also.


Internet Surveillance and Internet Freedom

Seminar on

"Internet Surveillance and Internet Freedom"

Industry, research, academics and society have progressed enormously in the past two decades, largely owing to the availability of free internet. The availability of enormous information and its easy transmission via the internet has facilitated the progress achieved thus far.

However, some of the recent happenings have brought to fore a widespread debate amongst internet and computer users in general and intellectuals and activists in particular. If SOPA and PIPA in the United States of America made the future of internet look bleak, the more recent and infamous Section 66(A) of the IT Act in India raised serious doubts about its constitutional validity.

FSMI representation to AICTE against the deal with Microsoft.

Demanding revision of AICTE - Microsoft deal FSMI delegation met chairman of AICTE Prof. S.S. Mantha and submitted a memorandum. For further details please visit http://fsmi.in/content/fsmi-representation-aicte-against-deal-microsoft


The importance of bridging the gap between industry and academia is known to all. More often, the research pursued by academia leads to significant strides in the industry and changing trends in the industry need to be reflected in the academic curriculum taught at Universities/ Colleges. However, going by the present scenario, the latter doesn’t seem to be happening as dynamically as it’s supposed to be.

Gone are the days when one should write thousands of lines of code (if not more) to design a simple web page. These are the days when on line content could be managed just with a click of the mouse!

With the emergence of Android OS, smart phones have started expanding their horizons like never before in history!

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